Tuesday, March 20, 2012

End-of-Year Dinner Dance June 1

It's getting close to that time of year again! We have a date for the annual Choir/Madrigals end-of-year dinner dance. This year's party will again take place at the Moose Lodge on Main Ave. in Clifton, on June 1 from 6:30 to 10:30. DJ Glass will be spinning the tunes! We are looking for parents to volunteer to provide various items for the party, including food, paper products, plastic utensils, decorations,  glow sticks, party sunglasses, etc. We thank the Moose Lodge for their continued support and generosity in donating the hall rental, beverages, and some of the food for the party!  Please e-mail us at cliftonhighchoir@aol.com to see what items are needed and how you can help, and let's get this party started!

UNO Fundraiser April 12

Another fundraiser has been scheduled at UNO Chicago Grill on Rte. 3 in Clifton! Please be sure to get your UNO ticket from your son or daughter and eat at UNO on Thursday, April 12. We raised more than $250 at our last UNO fundraiser--please help us to raise even more money this time around!  Get your UNO tickets from your son or daughter, or download a ticket here. Then pass along the UNO tickets to your family, friends, and coworkers!

Uno will donate 15% of our ticket receipts if sales are $1 to $999.99, and 20% if sales are > $1000. The more people we get to eat at UNO that day and hand in a ticket for us, the more the restaurant will donate! Again, there is no extra contribution from anyone handing in a ticket that day. UNO does all of the donating! You can find the UNO menu here: www.unos.com/menus/

It is important for all of the Choir and Madrigal students do their best to attend this event for lunch, dinner, or dessert! Tickets are good for eat-in or takeout food. 

Be sure to eat at UNO to help make this a worthwhile fundraiser for our kids!

New Chairperson

After successfully serving as Chairperson of the Choir Parents Association, Karen McGinley stepped down from the position in December. We thank her for everything she has done for our Choir and Madrigals students! Stepping into her shoes is Teri O'Neill, whose daughter is a junior in the Madrigals. Please show your support for our new chairperson and the board by attending one of our meetings!  We get together in the Media Center at 7 pm on the first Wednesday of each month. 

Choir Parent Board:
Teri O'Neill, Chairperson
Carolyn Borhorst, Treasurer
Jill Kloock, Recording Secretary

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another Opportunity to Support the Choir

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!Like Amazon Associates, GoodSearch and GoodShop provide a way to donate money to the Choir Parent Association scholarship fund without it costing you anything. In fact, if you use GoodShop, you'll have access to discounts that can save you money while a small percentage of the proceeds go to the scholarship fund. With GoodSearch, every time you search the Web, a small donation is made. Use the box above or in the sidebar to get started with GoodSearch and GoodShop, or go to the Choir Parent Association page at http://www.goodsearch.com/nonprofit/chs-choir-parent-association.aspx for more information. Spread the word!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shop Amazon to Benefit the Scholarship Fund

If you'll be shopping at Amazon.com this holiday season, please stop here first and click on the Amazon.com banner above or button in the right-hand column. When you get to the Amazon.com site through one of our links, a portion of what you spend will go to the choir scholarship fund. The percentage varies by item, but there's no extra cost to you to help out in this way. Remember, you have to access Amazon through one of our links here every time you go for the credit to count, so if you put something in your shopping cart and then go back again to buy it, be sure to swing through here first. Thanks for your help, and happy shopping!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Order 2011 CHS Madrigals/Choir Apparel

Apparel with Madrigals and Choir logos are now on sale and can be ordered by November 18. Designs are available on short- or long-sleeved T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, sweatpants, flannel pants, backpacks, and scarves. Download an order form to get started.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

UNO Fundraiser

We have arranged for a fundraiser to be held at UNO Chicago Grill on Route 3 in Clifton on Thursday, November 10. Here's how this event will work (kindly read the full message for how you can help):

We will be handing out fliers that look like “tickets” (designed courtesy of UNO; go to the .pdf and select download or print under the file menu). Anyone who eats at UNO OR who orders and picks up takeout from UNO on November 10 (any time of day) must hand in this ticket to their server for us to receive credit. UNO will then donate a portion of their total ticket-related receipts to our group.

Unlike many restaurants in the area who donate 10% of their receipts, Uno will donate either 15% (if sales are $1 to $999.99) or 20% (if sales are > $1000). So, the more people we get to eat at UNO that day and hand in a ticket for us, the more the restaurant will donate. There is no extra cost or contribution from anyone eating at Uno that day other than paying for their food at everyday UNO prices. We get to enjoy a fun meal at UNO AND raise money for the Choir and Madrigals! You can find the UNO menu here: http://www.unos.com/menus/

It is important for all of the Choir and Mads students to attend this event and to encourage as many of their friends and family members to eat at UNO that day as well. We have picked a day when the kids will be off of school--not just CHS, but schools all around us--so hopefully this will help us get a bigger turnout. A lot of our kids already like getting together for lunch on their days off, so now we know where they'll be going that day.    If someone can't afford a full lunch or dinner, they can go in a group and split the cost of one of UNO's desserts, like their scrumptious Deep Dish Sundae (giant chocolate chip cookie topped with ice cream, hot fudge, and whipped cream, easily divided for up to 4 people), or they can enjoy one of their new Mini Sweets. It doesn't have to be big for it to help us get a bigger donation from UNO!

When we get closer to the date, we will distribute as many fliers throughout the school and community as possible. I will also try to arrange for the Clifton Journal to promote this fundraiser.


  • Volunteer to print out some fliers.
  • Ask local stores, banks, etc, to display some fliers for us.
  • Encourage all of your friends and family to attend!
  • Post the UNO ticket on Facebook! (Download the .jpg file.)
  • Spread the word with your coworkers and encourage them to eat lunch or dinner at UNO that day!
  • Make sure you eat at UNO on November 10, and bring your UNO ticket! 

Thank you in advance for participating in this event! Let's all work together to make this a worthwhile fundraiser for our kids! Please call with any questions or additional fundraising ideas.

Teri O'Neill
UNO event organizer

Choir Parent Board:
Karen McGinley, Chairperson
Carolyn Borhorst, Treasurer
Jill Kloock, Recording Secretary